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Greetings!  Welcome to the official web site of the Bremen Area Historical Society!  We are proudly located within the historic and picturesque village of Bremen, Ohio.  The Bremen Area Historical Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that ardently strives to adhere to its mission of the collection, identification, preservation, and exhibition of artifacts; fostering and promoting a deeper understanding of  the history of rural Bremen, Ohio history through its museum based initiatives,  historical and cultural programs, and traveling exhibitions.  The Society seeks to nurture a greater appreciation for local history and for the ideas, values, and traditions of rural Bremen, Rushcreek Township and vicinity.

The Bremen Area Historical Society cordially invites you to come, discover the unique history and rich cultural heritage of Bremen by visiting the Bremen Area Historical Society Museum, a fully accessible historical museum, located within the quaint village of Bremen, Ohio.  The museum pays homage to the area’s past history and chronicles materials for future generations.  The 100% volunteer museum staff invite all to come to our museum and experience our local history through a myriad of exhibits, numerous displays, and a wide array of programing. Currently, the museum has a long-standing exhibit in which the historic businesses of Bremen’s illustrious past are highlighted. Such businesses consist of both cottage industries and industrial enterprises.

​The Bremen Area Historical Society supports the overall self-identity and cultural image of the community by offering visitors a truly authentic experience by emphasizing local history basked exhibits and interpretive archival materials.

Museum Hours
Currently, our staff of busy volunteers are working on setting up our next exhibit, which will open in April. 
Rent Our Facility
Rent our spacious banquet hall and make your own history!  To schedule a private tour and to book your special event, please phone 740.503.4347

Free Admission

We are a Blue Star Museum, but we didn't stop there.  We offer free admission for all who wish to visit our museum!

Current Projects and Upcoming Exhibitions

The Bremen Historical Society, a one hundred percent volunteer organization, strives to make our visitors feel more like they are enjoying a  stroll down Memory Lane with dear old friends than sauntering through a museum.  We hand pick artifacts for each exhibit that allow our visitors to totally connect with their own past and recall their own stories as well as learn about never seen before objects.  We love that sparkle that our visitors get when they see something from their own past or recount their own memories. 
We are currently seeking those who are interested in being part of the Fairfield County Quilted Barn Trail!  If you are interested in learning more about being a part of this county wide inititve, please email
Our next exhibit will feature area schools.  An event iis currently being planned to kick off this fun exhibit.  More information to come!
In 2018, we commemorate the one hundred year anniversary of The Great War or World War One.
As part of a county wide observance, the Bremen
Area Historical Society will have a special WWI
exhibit and book.  If you have a story of a local
Veteran of WWI, please contact
Another exciting project!  Earl Lehman and Kenny Shoffer are reconstructing the Konkler/Kunkler/Mericle Cabin as a special permanent installation within the museum that will be known as The Mericle Pioneer Room.
Rent Our Banquet Hall
For Your Next Gathering
Our Banquet Hall is spacious, elegant, and comes with the use of a fully commercial kitchen, coatroom, and a chance to marvel at the local exhibits upon request.  To schedule a private tour or book and event, please phone 740.503.4347
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Tel.: 740.438.9111
For a special appointment, or if you have any questions, please contact our President, Terry Borah

Bremen Area Historical Society
161 Carter Street
Bremen, Ohio 43107
If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !
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