End of Tenancy Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

The most likely dispute you can have with the landlord is over your tenancy deposit. Real estate experts around 60% of landlord-tenant disputes seen in London are of this nature.  Disputes arise easily largely because of tenant’s ignorance on how to conduct end of tenancy cleaning. The landlord will naturally insist on having the unit back just as it was at the beginning of the tenancy. Some mistakes lead to the cleaning job being rejected by the landlord. What are these mistakes to avoid?

DIY end of tenancy cleaning

A good number of people will stubbornly insist on handling the end of tenancy cleaning themselves. This is regardless of the fact that they do not have the resources required to clean a big house from top to bottom. You need ladders to clean the ceiling, heavy duty bleach to clean off stains from the bathroom floor, and the manpower to handle the job quickly.

Handling the job DIY style is bound to lead to some areas being overlooked, or the dirt not being handled correctly. The smart thing would be to engage an end of tenancy cleaning London service.

Hiring the cheapest service

They say cheap is expensive. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning services. This is because the lower the charge, the more a cleaning service is forced to skimp on skilled manpower and quality cleaning materials. You will get what you pay for.  It is better to pay more for a professional and experienced crew that will guarantee better results.

Lack of a defined scope of work

Hiring the cleaning crew without agreeing on what they are supposed to handle will only lead to disagreements. This is because the crew may fail to handle some tasks that you think they should have handled automatically.

It is important that you draw up a task list with all the jobs to be handled from the top to bottom of the house, in all rooms. Go through this checklist with the crew. It is also crucial to ask about the cleaning service’s off-limits policy. This is the list of tasks they do not handle e.g. cleaning human waste or moving heavy furniture. If their off-limits list is unreasonable, work with another cleaning service.

Failing to inspect the work

If you fail to inspect the work before the cleaning crew leaves, it becomes harder to raise a dispute over poorly done work. Inspect the work and resolve any issues before they leave. If it is possible, ask the landlord to inspect the work.


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