How Fair Are Your Tenancy Cleaning Prices?

Do you think that your tenancy cleaning price quote is too high? Indeed, London cleaning tenancy prices can be a bit expensive when you have a big house to be cleaned. A good number of people will be heard complaining how tenancy cleaning prices have gone up yet they have to use professional cleaners if they want a job that is guaranteed to pass inspection. But end of tenancy cleaners have increased in number so you can get fair charges from a professional cleaning service if you do your search properly.

Factors in pricing

  • Size of the house

The size of the house is perhaps the biggest consideration in pricing. Naturally, a 3-bedroom house will cost more than a 1-bedrom house regardless of whether the smaller house has an extra bathroom. The bigger the house the higher the cleaning price.

  • Level of cleaning required

End of tenancy cleaning involves more than the usual dusting, wiping and vacuuming. It is a whole house cleaning activity from the ceiling to the floor. A house that has been occupied for some time will accumulate dirt and debris in hidden places that do not receive regular attention. There will be dust on the ceiling, under heavy furniture items, and in the carpet. There will be grime on the oven racks and grease on the kitchen floor corners. The level of contamination of the house will be taken into account when determining the price.

  • Added services

Different cleaning services will have different standard task lists on which they base their prices. Some will consider bathroom cleaning as part of their standard package, for example, while some will offer this as an added service. Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are considered by many cleaning services as added services. It is important to know what is considered an added service.

  • Off-limit tasks

Cleaning services will usually have a list of activities that they don’t usually perform. This includes biohazardous and toxic waste handling, or some repugnant tasks. It is important to establish what the cleaning service considers off-limit. Asking the cleaning service to do these services would require additional costs for the cleaning service e.g. waste dumping permit or hiring special equipment.  The tenant’s charges will definitely go up.

Opportunity costs

It is important to remember the costs that you might incur in case the cleaning is not done properly. If you feel that London end of tenancy cleaning prices are high, it is important to remember that a botched job can lead to a landlord dispute which can end up costing you more in time and money.

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