Things you should know about Bremen Area Historical Society

Bremen Area Historical Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 and operates both as a historical museum and a community room for the people of Bremen, Fairfield County, Ohio.

The museum provides free admission for all people who wish to visit. It is compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and also offers visitors a vast experience of the history of Bremen, Ohio, a town that was once inhabited by German settlers.

If you wish to be a member and be part of the activities of Bremen Area Historical Society, there are four available levels of membership.

Platinum Membership

To have this membership, you should pay $25 or more per every household. The members of this package will receive the benefits of discounts and voting rights.

Gold Membership

You will pay $20 for every household, and members benefit from newsletter subscription only.

Silver Membership

For you to be a silver member, you ought to donate money and your time to the society. There is no payment of membership fee, and members will benefit from assisting the community.

General Public

The general public benefit by; participating in the events taking place in the museum and community support.

What the Museum Offers

If you are planning to visit the Bremen Area Historical Museum, you will have an opportunity of discovering the incredible history and cultural heritage of the people of Bremen.

When visiting the museum, ensure to pick a brochure on the Quilted Barn Trail and discover the fantastic scenery of rural Fairfield County, Ohio with the beautiful cover squares painted on its buildings.

In addition to that, the museum provides a spacious room to organize parties, meetings, and reunions. The place is also great for the non-residents as they will be offered with a fantastic show of artifacts from the past. Besides, you can visit this place and spend your valuable time with friends and family.

The Museum’s Calendar

The museum is known to be a hub of activities, and you will notice some events this April on their schedule. For instance, On Wednesday, April 18th, 2018, the seniors will have their meeting in the community room starting from 2-4pm. You can organize and do your events at the museum, and you can enjoy more if you are a member of the society.

The Bremen area historical museum is one of the oldest houses in town. It can sometimes be a significant challenge to locate such an old building. However, you can check the museum’s website for precise directions. Don’t miss the exciting activities that this museum offers.

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